As a leader at the intersection of digital fashion x metaverse x web3 x player creator economies, a lot of what DIGITALAX engages with on a day to day basis is a bit too trail blazing and novel for casual conversations. We’re existing on the bleeding edge.
With that said though, how can anything we or anyone else does in this space actually become a reality or having meaningful impact in people’s lives if they cannot in some way, at least, relate to it.
Well, honestly it can’t.

To do our part in all of this, we launched DIGIFIZZY— a new issue going live every month.

It’s the very first NFT Native in-depth Metaverse Magazine. We bring together top voices, unseen creators, interesting insights, must-read topics across the metaverse, fashion, gaming, art, music, crypto, web3, open source, DeFi, NFTs— a highly concentrated, high quality content platform.
It’s the Whole Earth catalogue meets Nintendo Power of the Metaverse.
90% of the magazine is developed completely in-house, from content ideation, creation, interviews, curation, custom design and engineering. The magazine itself is completely free to read, appealing to both veterans and newcomers in the space.
Through DIGIFIZZY we have also proved out a completely new publishing model with NFT based decentralised unlockable content. Some content creators, featured in the magazine, also create NFT metadata that DIGITALAX mints on Matic Network, contributing across these NFT based unlockable content bundles— from art to digital fashion to music to collectibles to physical to in-game items.
Readers can purchase these unlockable NFT bundles across 3 degrees of exclusivity; common, semi-rare, exclusive; that brings together a mix of well known and upcoming, undervalued talent.

This is not an auction or a typical drop, but unlike where if creators were featured on the cover of a traditional web2 or print magazine they would get nothing for it or sometimes even have to pay for placement, here they get a share distributed across the contributors to the bundle, whilst the publication is still able to prove out the model through a majority share, being the core creator, engineer, editor, distributor and contributor. Every page was handcrafted, hand designed and engineered by DIGITALAX.

Injecting our unique DIGITALAX flare, these unlockable NFT bundles are minted under our ERC-998 variant standard. A buyer purchases the parent ERC-721 NFT that owns the collection of variant ERC-1155 content mix.
This allows for the bundles to be transferred with all of their content in one transaction. However, when a buyer then wishes to individually access any of the 1155 NFTs in the collection they burn the master 721, cracking open the magical goods, like a giftbox inside of an Easter egg.
Everything is priced in $MONA.
This drop is much bigger than DIGITALAX. It’s something for the entire ecosystem to take forth, be involved in, and, something that we believe is going to contribute absolutely immense to the broader mission we are so eagerly pioneering.
Last modified 4mo ago