The Genesis Period

The launch of the DIGITALAX Platform will begin with The Genesis Period on November 2nd 11pm UTC.

The Basics

  • Name: MEET MONA

    • Type: ERC-721

    • Min & max per address: 0.1ETH - 2ETH

    • Supply: 500

  • The Genesis Period on November 2nd 11pm UTC is initiating the Genesis MONA NFT distribution and liquidity crowdsourcing event. The Genesis period will end on November 20th 11pm UTC.

  • 100% of ETH contributed goes towards $MONA liquidity.

  • Each user can choose to contribute between 0.1-2ETH for the purchase of the Genesis MONA NFT. You will receive 1 Genesis MONA NFT for any contribution amount, however your staking rewards APY, voting participation and platform revenue will be different depending on the amount contributed.

  • Users can come back at any time during the Genesis Period and contribute more ETH to a maximum of 2ETH, but they won’t receive another Genesis MONA NFT. Only 1 Genesis MONA NFT per address.

  • We are seeking the initial liquidity for the $MONA/ETH uniswap pool that will be integrated into the DIGITALAX ecosystem for DIGITALAX's liquidity-based functions. The $MONA/ETH pool will also be used for users with staked NFTs to swap their $MONA rewards for DAI, ETH.

  • There is no pre-sale. No investors or venture capitalists are backing DIGITALAX. The team bootstrapped the entire project.

  • ‌The Genesis MONA NFTs cannot be traded during the Genesis Period, and will be locked until 11pm UTC on November 20th.

  • Genesis MONA NFT will later serve as the platform's governance NFT. A buyer will be granted different governance/revenue share/ staking reward rights based on the amount of ETH that they contribute. I.e. Spending 2 ETH will give someone access to full benefits (able to mint $MONA, able to receive profits in priority, able to participate on governance and receive incentives etc.).

  • Distribution and allocation:

    • Genesis MONA NFT event (crowd sale): 92%

    • Protocol Reserve: 5%

    • Team & advisors: 3%

How to Participate

  • All ETH contributions take place on the DIGITALAX platform at

  • Contributions of ETH between 0.1ETH-2ETH are accepted. Users can contribute more ETH to a maximum amount of 2ETH anytime during the Genesis Period but they will not receive another Genesis MONA NFT.

  • Genesis MONA NFTs will be transferred to the individuals connected wallet address. Only 1 Genesis MONA NFT can be purchased per wallet address. Only Metamask Web3 wallets are compatible initially with the platform.

  • During The Genesis Period, 5% of Genesis MONA NFTs will be issued for the Protocol Reserve for the purpose of maintaining and expanding the protocol. 3% of Genesis MONA NFTs will be allocated for early project contributors, developers, team advisors that helped immensely in enabling the launch of the DIGITALAX platform. All 8% of these Genesis MONA NFTs will be minted at a 2ETH contribution value.