Staking is implemented as a fair distribution of the $MONA token to the community over the course of a 12 month period. We are on the edge of NFTs x DeFi.
The following tokens can be staked on the DIGITALAX platform for native $MONA token rewards;
    Genesis MONA NFTs
    ERC-721 Parent NFTs
    LP tokens from $MONA pair pools
Liquidity providers can provide liquidity to available pools for the highest yield available. Yield will be paid out in the form of native $MONA token.
APY is sensitive to the ETH value of the staked NFT or amount of $MONA locked up. $MONA token can be swapped for DAI in the liquidity pool.
90% of the $MONA token total supply is allocated for staking rewards, with 200 from this allocated to provide the initial uniswap $MONA/ETH liquidity.
Rewarded $MONA tokens can be claimed at any time and withdrawn to the connected wallet.
    Genesis MONA ERC-721 NFTs. These NFTs can only be purchased during The Genesis Period for an ETH contribution between 0.1–2ETH. ETH contribution value impacts staking rewards i.e. more ETH contributed more $MONA staking rewards. The Genesis Period ends on November 20th 11pm UTC.
    NFTs bought at the DIGITALAX Auctions (ERC-721 Parent NFTs) These NFTs are bought at the DIGITALAX auctions and can also be staked on the DIGITALAX platform to earn $MONA rewards. The ETH value paid for the Parent NFT effects the staking rewards
    $MONA LP tokens $MONA LP tokens from the MONA/ETH uniswap pool can also be staked to earn more $MONA token. Users can either provide equal amounts of $MONA and ETH liquidity to the Uniswap pool and then stake these LP tokens on the DIGITALAX platform, or, they can choose to input ETH directly through the platform UI under the "ZAP ETH" function. This ETH is automatically sold into an equal amount of $MONA and then the LP token staked on the DIGITALAX platform.

New staking contracts were recently deployed to Polygon for NFT stakingRoadmap 2021!

You can stake here.
Also, read more about our staking rewards increase in the Major Ecosystem Update.
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