Roadmap 2021

Not Running a Red Queen's Race.

Below we have outlined the scope of DIGITALAX's roadmap focus for 2021. We are at the bleeding edge of fashion, gaming, NFTs, the metaverse, digital economies.


Fractional Garment Ownership (FGO) Beta

  • First on-chain beta issuance of Child NFTs under Degrees of Exclusivity meta-data standards

    • ERC-1155 material, pattern, texture components issued under Degrees of Exclusivity

    • ERC-721 master garments issued and matched under Degrees of Exclusivity

  • 11 x Crypto Artist collaboration for first NFT FGO on-chain drop on DIGITALAX marketplace

    • ERC-1155 minting for verified whitelisted artist addresses

  • Meta-data standards for Open-Source on-chain sorted libraries

    • Material, pattern, texture component tracking

  • Instant buy contracts live on the marketplace

    • Update to Subgraph

    • Collection contracts introduced

    • Smart Contract audit complete

  • On-chain digital ownership linking between ERC-1155, ERC-721 contracts

    • Update to AccessControls contract for whitelisted artists

File Intercommunication Format Specification (Wrapper Constructor)

  • First revision release and specification overview

  • Clause by clause community suggestion

    • $MONA and Genesis NFT holders

  • DIGITALAX Open Source Developer community building through ML library inclusion

PODE Interface and NFT Minting

  • Exclusive interface development and release for PODE holders

    • First beta version

  • Whitelisted PODE NFT minting

  • Procedural generation under Degrees of Exclusivity standards

  • Expansion of PODE v2 into Layer 3 architecture

Tokenomics Platform Architecture


Fractional Garment Ownership License Standard FGO-0001

  • Open sourcing of FGO platform licensing

    • Bringing the "Open Source Spirit" to the fashion industry

    • Digital ownership monetisation for master garment contribution

    • Full IP assignment of master garment to the buyers under NFT ownership concepts

File Format Revision Architecture

  • Further 3 file format revisions

    • Refinement and full architecture pseudo of Instruction set: Transformation Set

    • Dimensional identification and chronological assembly

    • Team expansion for implementation

Player Creator Portal

  • PCP PODE holder inception

    • Instant plug-in ecosystem for independent developers to be able to gain access to a concentrated Field testing group

  • Open source gaming

  • See here.


Matic Layer 2 Integration

  • Full Matic Layer 2 integration of the DIGITALAX skins marketplace for game integration

  • Arkane Matic Wallet integration to the DIGITALAX marketplace

  • $MONA token custom bridge between Layer 1 ETH <> Layer 2 Matic

  • Custom $MONA token swap ($MONA / USDT pair)

  • Quickswap $MONA pair and live trading

File Format Architecture Business and Incentivisation Architecture

  • Native crypto and NFT logic for building an incentivised business logic

  • Active developer model for open source upgradeability of the Transform Set

    • Staking; slashing, burning, yield

First BETA Launch of ESPA Indie/Mod Esports Platform for Token Application + Digital-Physical Drop with London Fashion Designer

  • Live Indie / Mod Esports BETA with first game integration with Among Us Mod

  • Skins NFT sale on DIGITALAX Matic marketplace ($170K sale in $MONA!)

  • Leaderboard scoring and NFT compatibility into a non-blockchain game

  • ESPA Layer 2 SDK

  • Partnered with London fashion designer Charli Cohen for the first hybrid digital-physical drop!

  • $MONA token first player, developer, designer monetisation


Further Matic Layer 2 Integration

  • Matic DIGITALAX marketplace upgrades

    • Cool down period

    • Limit of instant buy per address

    • Balancing decentralisation for greater fairness in distribution and sales.

First Social Asset Auction for Human Rights Foundation

  • Partnering with the Human Rights Foundation Wear Your Values Campaign

  • First Social Asset Auction

    • Proceeds proportion donated to HRF and WYV

More ESPA In-Game Esports Integrations and Modding Highlights

  • A full calendar line up for further ESPA esports integrations! Join us for modded and indie esports!!

    • Minecraft, Roblox, CS:GO, LOL upcoming... and more!

Hybrid Digital-Physical Supply Chain; DRIP

  • Bridging digital physical fashion into a streamlined supply chain

    • Fiat for onboarding into ESPA

  • Rep your style and go cross-realms

    • Esports merch for unlockable content into the ESPA battles through XP points

First Indie Game Dev Studio Partnership for PODE

  • Imagined Studios indie game dev partnership

    • Dynamically stakeable NFT model for PODE holders

  • Faberlare game incubation

    • 2D platformer

    • OG fashionista dynamic staking model


Launch of the First MultiToken ERC-998 Bridge between Ethereum and Polygon (Matic)

  • The ability to move both a Parent 721 token and its Child 1155 material NFT components between Mainnet and Polygon (Previously Matic Network).

    • This multi token protocol bridge that has been designed specifically to allow users to purchase their tokens efficiently on Matic network Layer 2 and bridge them to Mainnet as they wish.

  • Application also supports batch transfers of tokens, up to 25 tokens can be upgraded at a time

Fractional Garment Ownership License Standard FGO-0001_2

  • Second iteration of the FGO standard

  • FGO-0001_2

    • Open standards for fashion across the digital-physical realms

    • Modular composability for an interoperable functional triad between licensing, monetisation models and rarity levels

    • DOF sheet insurgence for dynanism and transparent pricing

Team Scaling

PODE V2 Announcement

  • PODE V2 announcement

  • Web3 enhanced Steam x platform architecture

  • Virtual Land Offering (VLO) status and commit based infrastructure

Launch of DIGIFIZZY: First In-Depth Metaverse Magazine

  • Through DIGIFIZZY we are proving out a new publishing model with NFT based decentralised subscriptions.

    • Everything entirely engineering, designed, created, curated in-house

  • All of the content is free to read, and, people can subscribe to NFT bundles that bring together a mix of well known and upcoming/undervalued talent across music, art, fashion, gaming, other collectibles etc.

  • This is not an auction or a typical drop, but unlike where if creators were featured on the cover of a magazine they would get nothing for it or sometimes have to pay for placement, here they get a share distributed across the contributors to the bundle, whilst the publication is still able to prove out the model through a majority share, being the core creator, engineer, distributor and contributor.

DASH File Format Stage 5 of Revision Releases

  • The entire DASH business and technical architecture as been released to the community

  • We are now covering specific use cases across the user, industry, economic levels as we continue internal R&D

    • DASH is architected for the metaverse— a web3 metaverse.

  • See stage 5 revisions here under File Format Spec.

Launch of DRIP

  • DIGITALAX DRIP hybrid NFT physical-digital fashion

    • Designed in-house

    • Metaversal Collection One

  • Accepting fiat payments for wider spread buyer onboarding into web3

  • Counter-propaganda and information warfare Memes for the Metaverse campaign with Polygon/Matic Network

Launch of DIGITALAX Ambassadors

  • Gatemakers of the Metaverse; putting a who not a what behind the metaverse and what it means to craft and mod it.

  • Each of our Ambassadors are given a personalised support system and dedicated exclusive unlockable content channel, providing a guided path for creators to build their own sub-guilds, creator tribes, art deco only fans complex and collector base around content that also reinforces moving the entire ecosystem forward.

  • We have launched with 4 key ambassadors across different creative realms;

  • DIGITALAX is continuing to expand its Ambassador program as the project moves forward and grows, building out a metaversal guild.


NFT Staking on Polygon Network

  • NFT staking contracts deployed on Polygon Network for $MONA rewards

  • Ensuring faster and cheaper transactions for users

ESPA Game Launches

  • New ESPA Game integrations

    • Minecraft

      • Launch of the ESPA Casual Esports Minecraft Bed Wars tournaments and ESPA digital fashion Minecraft gaming skins

    • Roblox

  • NFT Degrees of Rarity sale on on Matic Network

First MultiToken ERC-998 Bridge Upgrades

  • A completely new UI and UX, a more stable bridge working flow and enhanced performance + speed.

  • Employing Matic’s new root chain tunnel communication protocol.

  • Compatible for 1155 transfers and 998 DIGIFIZZY bundle transfers.

DIGIFIZZY Metaverse Magazine Issue 2