Roadmap 2021

Below we have outlined the scope of DIGITALAX's roadmap focus for the first half of Q1 2021. We are at the leading edge of fashion, gaming, digital economies.


Fractional Garment Ownership (FGO) Beta

  • First on-chain beta issuance of Child NFTs under Degrees of Exclusivity meta-data standards

    • ERC-1155 material, pattern, texture components issued under Degrees of Exclusivity

    • ERC-721 master garments issued and matched under Degrees of Exclusivity

  • 11 x Crypto Artist collaboration for first NFT FGO on-chain drop on DIGITALAX marketplace

    • ERC-1155 minting for verified whitelisted artist addresses

  • Meta-data standards for Open-Source on-chain sorted libraries

    • Material, pattern, texture component tracking

  • Instant buy contracts live on the marketplace

    • Update to Subgraph

    • Collection contracts introduced

    • Smart Contract audit complete

  • On-chain digital ownership linking between ERC-1155, ERC-721 contracts

    • Update to AccessControls contract for whitelisted artists

File Intercommunication Format Specification (Wrapper Constructor)

  • First revision release and specification overview

  • Clause by clause community suggestion

    • $MONA and Genesis NFT holders

  • DIGITALAX Open Source Developer community building through ML library inclusion

PODE Interface and NFT Minting

  • Exclusive interface development and release for PODE holders

    • First beta version

  • Whitelisted PODE NFT minting

  • Procedural generation under Degrees of Exclusivity standards

  • Expansion of PODE v2 into Layer 3 architecture

Tokenomics Platform Architecture


Fractional Garment Ownership License Standard

  • Open sourcing of FGO platform licensing

    • Bringing the "Open Source Spirit" to the fashion industry

    • Digital ownership monetisation for master garment contribution

    • Full IP assignment of master garment to the buyers under NFT ownership concepts

Engine Plugin Specification and Wrapper Constructor Prototype

  • Plugin architecture and prototype implementation with wrapper constructor

    • v1 beta

    • Unity

    • CLO3D

  • First application demonstration

    • Application and utility demonstration

  • Digital economy ecosystem

    • Layer 3 ecosystem application, usage and implementation

    • First revision across 3 applications

First BETA Launch of ESPA Indie/Mod Esports Platform for Token Application

  • Live Indie / Mod Esports BETA with first game integration

  • Digital Fashion NFT identity markers

  • Growing of developer, designer, player community (ESPA)

  • Fashion brand partnership and application of direct digital fashion application

  • $MONA token first player, developer, designer monetisation