Global Designer Network (GDN)
DIGITALAX first initiated the start of our Global Designer Network back in September last year when we launched as the very first web3 fashion protocol dedicated to independent designers and studios globally— onboarding the very first designers into NFTs.
Since then we have rapidly scaled up to install more of the fabric of our ecosystem, building out the base infrastructure and tool set for designers globally. Eventually, DIGITALAX will be a fully decentralised protocol where designers, creators, modders, developers, players… every metaverse dweller globally…. will be able to interact and create a sustainable livelihood for themselves filled with a clear roadmap for leveling up. This vision and stance is built into everything that we do.
With this said, we are expanding out our Global Designer Network of creators, that align with our mission of decentralisation and open source for the fashion industry, and taking the next steps for seeding a web3 fashion industry that is built right; overturning gatekeepers that have become comfortable with closed, exploitative, predatory, unsustainable and studio dominant bullshit.

It’s the open fabric of a new digital fashion revolution— and these are the web3 fashion anarchists behind it. It’s just the beginning as we collate this network into a fully active, authentic and real designer DAO.

The next updates for the Global Designer Network will be announced soon as we establish the designer DAO for charting the open web3 fashion revolution, onboarding and founding more creators and designers as equipped crafters of the metaverse.
We have also launched our dedicated social channels for launching this network! Stay up to date!

Last modified 2mo ago