Ecosystem Overview
    NFT marketplace on both Ethereum and Polygon for 3D digital couture fashion and gaming skins with DeFi staking utility for the NFTs.
2. Casual esports platform (ESPA) that allows players to purchase skins from our marketplace, take these in-game and start engaging in casual esports battles across modded and indie games like Minecraft, Roblox, Among Us.
    Players are scored on a leaderboard and receive $MONA payouts for successful play.
    The NFT skins determine a players eligibility within the ESPA meta-game, with additional “recharge” mechanics.
    Targeted for integration with the traditional gaming sector, not limited to blockchain gaming integration.
3. Hybrid digital-physical NFT fashion line DRIP.
    Accepts fiat for apparel purchases.
    Onboarding an entirely new retail market into crypto and web3 through tapping into their existing buying behaviours.
4. First metaverse magazine (DIGIFIZZY), released monthly and entirely designed, engineered and produced in-house.
    Highlighting top and unseen creators, insights, and topics from across web3, NFTs, DeFi, crypto, fashion, DAOs, music, the metaverse etc.
    A new web3 publishing platform whereby the content is entirely free to read (90–130 pages each issue). Some creators featured in the magazine also contribute content to the NFT unlockable bundles that are sold alongside the magazine and allow readers access to additional content, experiences and a closer relationship with Creators.
5. Global Designer Network DAO of highly skilled fashion designers.
    Hundreds of highly skilled digital and physical fashion designers working towards building the web3 fashion infrastructure for the future.
    Using Fractional Garment Ownership to build out on-chain open sourced digital material, pattern, texture libraries for streamlining cross realm (digital-physical) supply chain operations and creator access.
    Native web3 supply chain and open source monetisation model using ERC-1155, ERC-721 and ERC-998 standards.
    Contributing to the Fashion101 handbook for developing new standards, streamlined processes and resources for onboarding new creators into web3 fashion.
6. DASH 3D File Format
    Developing a new 3D file format for overcoming barriers to interoperability in transferring 3D file formats between game engines and application environments.
    Using opinionated logic and a 10 dimensional mathematical Transformation Set for dynamically deploying content across applications that still adheres to Creator intended fidelity.
7. PODE and the Player Creator Portal
    PODE is set to become the first decentralised version of an instant distribution platform & incubator for how indie game devs get from initial concept through monetization to launch and scale: The Player Creator Portal (PCP), where native web3 and crypto components serve as key incentive conduits into the metaverse.
    An enhanced Web3 Steam x PODE is set up to improve the circulatory performance of the feedback systems between the players and devs and also incorporate reliable metrics, through incentivised player QA testing, so that the devs can transparently gauge where they really are in the trajectory of their project and also fine tune their alignment with the current and future community of players, modders and content creators.
8. $MONA ERC-20 ecosystem utility token.
    Governance token
    Payment token across the NFT marketplaces
    Income stream for designers, developers and players in ESPA/DIGITALAX ecosystem
    0% allocation to the team.
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