Fashion x DeFi #wear2defi
Yesterday's fashion was made for landfills. Today's fashion gives you new ways to earn with deep pockets.

Street Cred + Real Credit

What drives buyer behaviours in the digicore, indie, boutique, and streetwear fashion segments is a pronounced desire to look good in a unique way, stand out, improve lives, and appear savvy to the people that matter to you.
But, what if what you wear was far more than how you look? What if you could earn from it — put your style to work for you — without being a model?
By tapping into existing, underutilized, and ravenous buying behaviors in the highest demand fashion market segments we can translate desire into action, with quantifiable tools to leverage wealth through digital commerce.

You can mix style with money. We can merge Fashion with DeFi.

The New Edge: Fashion x DeFi

DIGITALAX has partnered with 12 of the leading DeFi protocols to create hybrid digital-physical NFT fashion collections. Open source designs and patterns are made in collaboration with our Global Designer Network DAO.
This DeFi protocol merch is sold through our DRIP NFT marketplace to unlock a completely new retail market beyond the existing crypto userbase.
The launch of the first Fashion x DeFi bridge enhances interoperability for the fashion and gaming retail markets into DeFi. This is how we arbitrage the intrinsic desire for fashion at global scale with the explicit value DeFi has delivered at much smaller market sizes to date.

Fashion is the way DeFi can be used by everyone online — starting today.

With the launch of this new collection on DRIP, customers can purchase apparel in fiat or crypto (we accept the native ERC-20s of each protocol on Polygon). These fashion NFTs can be staked for yield in $MONA through our staking contracts, also on Polygon.
Eventually this merger expands into a full suite of fashion DeFi products as we further build out this new world.
Through Fractional Garment Ownership there is on-chain royalties for all stakeholders that are part of the collaboration, with profits from merchandise sales split between the DeFi Protocol, Designer DAO and DIGITALAX Treasury.
This is a web3 native model that aligns incentives between unconventional market players, that might never have realized each other’s value before now.
Apparel buyers build personal success while compounding interest and loyalty towards DeFi through fashion, at the same time.
Retail buyers level up though practical education and lived experience in what the full suite of DeFi tools can do for them. Digestible content and supporting materials are developed from resources dedicated by DIGITALAX and the partner protocols, aided by co-marketing campaigns, additional dev build outs, and community coordination.

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