Layer 3
After achieving a state of cross platform compatible digital fashion content, the next stage of our Operating System architecture draws insights from our conviction on the exponentially growing relevance and infiltration that real time 3D content, through gaming and VR, will have in shaping every part of our lives.
These immersive 3D environments are becoming more and more ubiquitous within our society, and, to that point, have been able to generate an entire digital economy of consistent and sustainable value, where Players and Developers are able to seamlessly interchange utility and service. In order to guarantee any sustainability and longevity for digital fashion content and for the entire digital fashion industry, the same interchange heuristic must be properly developed and applied.
Our Layer 3 architecture imposes a triad of interdependence between Developers, Players and Fashion Designers— where each has a defined role within our Digital Economy Ecosystem and adds unique points of value that are both siloed and specific, yet also very much cross-reliant and overlapping.

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