Ambassadors: Gatemakers of the Metaverse
When we are talking about the Metaverse it is too easy to fall into common routines of describing what it is, why it matters, when it is going to happen and maybe if we are lucky, what it actually does?
But the important question is actually; who are we talking about? Because everything we as people use is given meaning by who uses it. Our tools don’t define us but they do connect us.
The metaverse is nothing more than a radical reduction in the barriers between us. As these barriers come down, as the gates minaturise, the friction that might stop us normally from any given choice dissipates, allowing for new modes of interaction that are inherently fluid and liberating.
Each of our Ambassadors are given a personalised support system and dedicated exclusive unlockable content channel, providing a guided path for creators to build their own sub-guilds, creator tribes, art deco only fans complex and collector base around content that also reinforces moving the entire ecosystem forward.

Our Gatemakers



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