Introduction to DIGITALAX

DIGITALAX is Building the First Web3 Digital Fashion Operating System. We Are Liberating Gaming And Fashion. Modding the Metaverse.

DIGITALAX is the first NFT live market that brings your unique personality and style into native digital realms –– with layers of verifiable utility, open sourced material libraries, sustainable digital-physical supply chains, and stakeable value. We make it easy for you to find & collect digital fashion NFTs, made for you by a global network of exceptional indie designers and brands.

Our casual esports platform, ESPA, takes you & your skins to the next level: directly into indie games & mods, where players from amateur to pro can start to earn a livelihood through play, without sacrificing our love of the game.

DIGITALAX is here to prove that web3 fashion is the missing bridge that will onboard millions of capital savvy new users into DeFi. We’ve built an entire ecosystem across digital and physical fashion, NFTs, gaming, esports and the metaverse.

Our community consists of designers, developers, modders, gamers, creators and crypto/DeFi enthusiasts. We maintain a regular daily schedule of active communication with our community members across our Medium, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin and Youtube accounts, and facilitate the continuous growth and connections between them.

Decentralisation is our animating principle, and is interwoven into the fabric of everything we do –– through rapid, progressive development across each layer of tech infrastructure, distribution of power, and value exchange.

We are building the infrastructure for Digital Fashion and the Metaverse.

The team took a 0% token allocation of the core ecosystem utility token, $MONA, for the most fair launch in DeFi x NFTs.

DIGITALAX implements an optimized architecture for creating 3D digital fashion that can quickly and simply be deployed directly into any media layer (Gaming, VR, other live 3D content environments). We call this the Digital Fashion Operating System (DFOS).

A three layered blueprint that consists of an;

  1. Efficient digital fashion NFT distribution channel and content supply chain on Ethereum

  2. A new file intercommunication format between 3D digital fashion applications and game engines

  3. A Player-Creator economy digital ecosystem that brings digital fashion across all industries and platforms.

Digital Fashion is the process of using specified 3D applications to create models of computer generated garments, accessories, shoes and other fashion items. These items only exist within their digital environment.

As a relatively new market segment, Digital Fashion still lacks the capacity to generate sustainable and consistent value for the Designers and Creators that are involved in manufacturing these digital assets. There is a huge disparity that exists between digital fashion content creation, application and utility. Digital fashion assets cannot be creatively produced by Designers/Artists, then seamlessly transferred into native gaming, VR, live, 3d, and other content environments. Not without overcoming substantial legacy technical and business constraints.

Our vision is all about enabling the development of new digital economies of scale that empower true digital self expression. And, In order to achieve meaningful success, it requires us to focus directly on building up the infrastructure for the growth and maturation of the digital fashion industry. We are empowering a sustainable trinity of continuous, creative, and value generating interplay between Fashion Designers, Game Developers and Player-Creators.

We are helping birth new tools for the democratization of the digital fashion supply chain, bridging a global open source ethos to fashion innovation. It is this conduit and connection building for cross-collaboration of Designers and Developers, with a Player-centered devotion, which will move digital economies forward.